Important Factors To Consider For Transcreation Services

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Once traditionally known as ‘translation’ and covering every related aspect under its umbrella, it has gone beyond this word and has been divided into many parts. Translation is a process that orbits around the conversion of the content from the source language to the target language. The transcreation, however, deals with the translation and adaptation of the marketing content with its original tone, intent, and additional style. Though the translation also requires original intent, the transcreation revolves around the working of creative ideas considering the demands and marketing norms of the intended audiences with the help of an experienced transcreation company.

Many businesses and industries often confuse both processes and assume one for the other and vice versa. However, both processes differ from each other to a larger extent. The main focus of translation is the replacement of words from the source to the target language. Whereas, transcreation on the other end focuses on the same messages and concepts in a new language making it more relevant to everyone involved. It also helps enable the translators to inject creativity and integrate with cultural knowledge to make it resonate with the audiences. Therefore, it is important that businesses take both processes differently and also deal with them accordingly.

Here are a few factors that require consideration while dealing with the transcreation process.

Content specialists & copywriters

Transcreation is a challenging process. It has to deal with much more than the simple translation which naturally demands a person with profound knowledge of marketing. It demands specialists and experts to take care of the content. Translators can barely deal with it. 

The transcreators also need to be content experts who understand the nerves of the content. If they fail to comprehend the gist of content that they are going to work on, they can not deliver content that can make a strong impact. Hence, content experts are the right choice for transcreation. 

The individuals who have to deal with the transcreation are also referred to as copywriters. Many translators also indulge in copywriting. However, both are different services. Therefore, before you lock the relevant team, be sure to have a background and profile check to ensure you get accurate and top-notch services.

Creativity is the main core 

Though translation and transcreation both are creative processes, the later demands relatively more innovation and novelty. It needs a push start from a critical brief. Transcreators need more than the text. They rather need clear ideas and creative lines to start and deal with. This also contributes to achieving the results as required. The team of transcreators and businesses need to be clear on this and you as a company spokesperson should ensure you brief the transcreators about your goals and the achievements you intend to make. Make sure that you do not overlook the need to hire a good transcreation and video translation agency to meet your project needs accurately.

Cultural knowledge is the backbone

As the transcreation process mainly deals with visual and graphic content, knowledge of the culture of the targeted audience is a must to deliver culturally relevant content. When it comes to transcreation services, things get sensitive too due to cultural implications. It demands the perfect cultural knowledge to grace the content with the best of everything. Reaching the hearts and minds of an audience that you barely know is not an easy task but can be nailed with the help of professional transcreators who understand the cultural values of the intended region. A fine knowledge of the market and a clear cultural understanding can make the local regulations and advertising effective and smooth, tempting more potential consumers and customers.


It demands a proper look and feel 

Another important factor about transcreation is that it involves a proper look and feel, unlike translation. As this process has to deal with visual factors considering aesthetics too, it is important to make arrangements dully. The customers and consumers focus greatly on the look and feel of your offering or campaign. This further ensures better acceptance in the targeted audience and local market. Moreover, considering this factor can also make certain things clear for the transcreators. They can visualize things in a better way and can work on making it look aesthetic. However, do not forget the role of professional translation services in the whole procedure. 


Transcreation and translation are two different processes and demand great dedication and attention. Transcreation, in particular demands creativity and an experienced team for better and more effective execution of the process. A few factors that can make the process seamless are considering specialists, understanding the importance of creativity and cultural knowledge, and opting for content experts. 


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