4 Things to Keep In Mind When You Wear a Statement Necklace

February 15, 2020 | Fashion | By admin | 0 Comments

Statement Necklace

So, have you decided to wear a statement necklace to the next party yet not sure whether will you be able to pull off the look you desire? Well, worry not as this piece of jewelry is trendy item these days and most women who sport them go on to become the centre of attention at a party. But yes, you need to keep in mind a few things so that your necklace does the magic you desire.

Here are 4 things to consider when you wear a statement necklace for any occasion –

1. You have to keep it simple

When you plan to wear a statement necklace the first thing you got to follow is to match the jewelry with a simple outfit. Avoid pairing it with bulky prints and heavy fabrics if you want best results for any occasion.

2. Consider your neckline

Your necklace will help make a style statement only when it matches your top or dress neckline. Plus, you also need to go with a shorter necklace if you have a larger bust so that things look symmetrical and in balance all the time.

3. Keep distractions to low level

It would be a mistake to wear bold and bulky earnings, oversize rings or bangle bracelets when you want the necklace to be the focus point. Rather, you should wear simple and minimalist designs such as studs so that your main piece remains the focal point.

4. Get the colours of your outfits right

Even if you find best statement jewellery online this does not mean you can pull off desired look easily. After all, your necklace will look good only when you have worn right colour outfit. Unless you feel confident in your skin and outfit, the necklace won’t have much of impact for sure.


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