Corrugated Rolls: The Ultimate Packaging Solution

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In the packaging industry, determining the right material that will be useful in safeguarding and transporting goods in the best way possible is paramount. Among the wide range of materials used for supplying goods, corrugated rolls have proved to be rather effective and efficient solution, which provides reliable protection for the product, flexibility at the same time, and reasonable costs. As a packaging company that offers quality products, we offer a wide range of corrugated rolls for specific packagings that will help you protect your items while transporting.

What Are Corrugated Rolls?

Corrugated rolls are created from corrugated paper products, corrugated paperboard is fluted sheet confined by two liner boards. It offers even greater strength combined with shock absorbency and is, therefore, perfect for uses like packaging and protective covering depending on the product shape and size of a particular item. Corrugated rolls usually come in wide, long strips as they are often cut to size depending on the packaging need of a particular consumer or manufacturer.

Benefits of Using Corrugated Rolls

Superior Protection

To recap, using corrugated rolls provide the products with protection from impact, vibration, and compression. The fluted design has a buffering function whereby in the event of an incident it reduces hard impacts on the goods inside. This makes perfect for wrapping delicate food and products, especially to fill gaps in cartons or to offer further safeguard to sensitive and huge or uneven shaped products.

Versatility and Flexibility

The use of corrugated rolls is another strength for the product since they are flexible in use and application. They can be made and adjusted to whichever desired length they require, or made to conform to the shape of the product they are being used for. It can be stated that the natural properties of its films make them appropriate for practically any kind of application, from the use for individual product packaging to the usage of large boxes and pallets.


Corrugated rolls in the sphere of packaging material are relatively cheap all the same. They are easy to ship and do not take a lot of space during transportation, thus contributing to the overall reduction in shipping costs while the sturdiness of these containers makes damage to products during shipment rare, which consequently leads to decreased costs of returns and replacements. In the same manner, acquiring rolls in bulk come with further savings possible for the corrugated packaging companies.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We at Avon Packaging value this principle, as is evident through our proactive efforts to implement sustainable solutions. The rolls that we use in our corrugated packaging are made from recognized recycled paper and our containers are fully biodegradable. Another benefit you ought to be aware of is that the usage of packaging materials that are friendly to the environment is not only beneficial to the environment but also to consumers who are mainstream in purchasing products that are environmentally friendly.

Applications of Corrugated Rolls

Protective Wrapping

Because of its material and structure, corrugated rolls are very suitable to use for wrapping delicate items such as glasses, ceramics and electronic equipment. Some advantages that can be associated with use of corrugated material includes protection of the items from scratching, denting or breaking during the transportation.

Void Fill and Cushioning

They also need to pack products in boxes and when doing this, there should not be empty spaces in between as the goods may move around leading to destruction. To do this, corrugated rolls can be utilized as a method of void fill; this means that it is utilized to offer cushioning as well as helping to maintain the objects’ position within the box. This makes sure that products are protected and not damaged as they undergo transit en-route to the intended final destination.

Surface Protection

Corrugated rolls are also used to minimize the contact between surfaces with a view of minimizing any damages that may be caused. For instance, they can be disposed in between two layers of products to guard against rubbing or they can be placed on the floor or surfaces for instance during construction of a building or alteration of an existing structure.

Pallet and Container Liners

This structure also builds the pallets and shipping containers whereby the corrugated rolls act as liners that assist in shielding products from dirt, moisture and any other form of contamination. They give a smooth surface cover that is protective in increasing the general strength of the packaging.

Why Choose Avon Packaging for Corrugated Rolls?

High-Quality Materials

At Avon Packaging, we only source from the top quality manufacturing materials when making our corrugated rolls. This helps to guarantee that the products we offer this these stores have considerably more strength and sturdiness as a way of effectively safeguarding your commodities.

Customization Options

We know that every business requires its own approach to the choice of packaging materials. Our stock corrugated rolls come in a variety of flute size, width and length but specifically ordered can be tailored to suit the customers need. This indeed enables you to develop distinctive packaging provisions that are apt for the specific needs of each use.

Sustainable Practices

We have also adopted some important measures that speak of our socially responsible policy in our production. We utilize the recycling materials and ensure that wastage is minimized to ensure that we have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

Exceptional Customer Service

In addition, customer satisfaction is one of our major goals. Horizon Labels is a well-manned organization comprising of packaging professionals who will attend to all your needs as from consulting to delivery of the packaged products. In various ways we support you and implement packaging solutions in your organization according to your requirements.

Success Stories

Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer

One of the organization we worked with was an electronics manufacturer that decided to team up with Avon Packaging to enhance their shipping operations. Thus, transforming to purchases of our superior corrugated rolls, they greatly minimized product cases’ damage during transit. Due to appropriateness of the corrugated material, fragile electronic parts reached their destination in pristine condition, improve clients’ satisfaction and business returns.

Case Study: Furniture Retailer

A furniture retailer had a problem that they required a number of solutions but they couldn’t find anything that accommodated all their furniture types. The versatile corrugated rolls manufacturer that we offer fit the requirement till the mark as it helped them to wrap, that too with an added layer of protection, items of different sizes and forms. Thanks to the rational prices for the corrugated rolls and their high durability, the financial aspect of their packaging was improved greatly and became more efficient.

Avon packaging for beginners


To start we obtain relevant information from our packaging consultants. After this we shall evaluate your needs as per the request of the client and advise the client on the most suitable corrugated roll.

Customization and Prototyping

It means that we will have a our design team to manufacture prototypes according to the client’s instructions. This guarantees that you receive exactly the end product that you wanted and also will offer the amount of protection required.

Production and Delivery

Following approval, we shall produce your corrugated rolls and through our efficient and highly advanced machinery. There shall always be available packaging solutions at your time of need since our delivery is on time.

Ongoing Support

It does not stop here, to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied, our relationship does not stop after we deliver our products and services. We also provide additional services that are useful if there are future changes in packaging requirement or to develop a more effective one.


Our products include corrugated rolls from Avon Packaging to meet the needs of maximum protection with relative versatility and pocket-friendly cost. At Solutions, we are dedicated not only to delivering functional and recyclable packaging but can also provide packaging tailored to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how our corrugated roll products can effectively improve your packaging process.


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