Super Tools Corporation

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Super Tools Corporation

Established in the Year 1977, Super Tools is a manufacturer and exporter of Gear Cutting Tools and Broaches. Our Company is equipped with all the latest CNC Machines & Technology to manufacture high-precision gear-cutting tools and broaches. We have a team of highly managed professionals to understand the needs of our customers. We keep in mind the goals and strategies of the Company and work in that direction to achieve our goals.

Full Range OF Products:

HSS Hob Cutters

Carbide Hob Cutters

Shaper Cutters

Gear Shaving Cutters

Milling Cutters


Master Gears



Hob Cutter Re-Profiling

Hob Cutter Re-Sharpening

Gear Shaving Cutter Re-Sharpening

Master Gear Re-Profiling

PVD Coatings

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