How to incorporate trade show games to bring traffic to exhibition stand?

January 30, 2024 | Business | By akshay sharma | 0 Comments

Trade shows and exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for you to promote your brand, products, and services. However, there are so many exhibitors vying for attention at these large events. It can be challenging to stand out from the crowd and attract visitors to your booth. Incorporating interactive games and activities at your exhibition stand design is a creative way to generate buzz among people.


Here are some effective trade show game ideas and tips on how to implement them successfully.


Spin to Win Giveaway:

A classic and crowd-pleasing trade show game is a spin-to-win prize wheel. Source or design an attractive prize wheel with various prize categories like product samples, discounts, or gift cards. Have visitors spin the wheel for a chance to win.


This gets people engaged and encourages them to stick around even if they don’t win initially. Make sure to have plenty of smaller prizes to keep the spinning frequent.


Capture contact details from winners to follow up later.


Trivia Challenge:

Design a fun trivia game testing visitors’ knowledge of your industry, company history, or product features. Offer small branded prizes to winners. Print easy-to-read trivia question cards and have a staff member enthusiastically emcee the game with a microphone.


Allow multiple people to answer each question for increased participation. Consider a daily prize drawing for those who answer questions correctly.


Trivia gets mental engagement and shows off your expertise.


Skill-Testing Games:

Hands-on skill games at your trade show booth where visitors test their dexterity are memorable. Set up ring tosses, bottle roll-downs, basketball free throws, or accuracy target games with branded prizes. Have stats tracked on scoreboards.


Consider challenges between booth staff to demo skills. Include games for all ages and ability levels. Make instructions clear and staff available to explain rules.


Skill games show off product features through interactive play.


Scavenger Hunt:

Organize an exhibit hall scavenger hunt sending participants to learn about various vendors for clues or stamps. Provide a branded notebook for tracking.


Clues can highlight key features, products, or specials and direct visitors straight to your booth for the final item. Prizes reward completed hunts. Work with show organizers for stamp locations throughout the venue.


This encourages exploring your competitors while promoting your solutions.


Photo Booth Opportunity:

A photo booth allows visitors to have fun while spreading brand awareness. In your exhibition stand construction include a simple backdrop and props station using your company logo and colors.


Provide a staff photographer to quickly snap photos, then email digital copies to participants. Offer social sharing of finished photos for additional reach. Consider customizable photo strips, frames, or buttons as keepsakes.


A photo experience creates lasting impressions and user-generated content marketing.


Technology Integrations:

Incorporate technology to make games interactive and appealing to younger demographics. Set up a VR or AR experience showing product applications. Host gaming console tournaments using branded controllers on large screens.


Snapcodes let visitors digitally enter drawings via their smartphones. Livestream hunts or challenges on social platforms. Leverage beacon technology for geo-targeted clues or coupon notifications upon booth entry.


High-tech integrations capture interest through innovative new experiences.


Success Tips for Trade Show Games:

  • Test concepts beforehand and practice executing smoothly with well-trained staff.


  • Cleary advertise games in your exhibit graphics, show guides, and onsite signage.


  • Provide easy entry methods and collect leads throughout for qualified follow-ups.


  • Continuously replenish giveaways and restock prize areas to maintain excitement.


  • Incentivize revisiting your booth with progressive drawings requiring multiple games played.


  • Consider partnering branded games with related sessions, demos, or presentations.


  • Thank and acknowledge participants on social media to increase impressions beyond attendees.


  • Analyze metrics like leads collected and booth traffic patterns to refine tactics for future events.


  • Games work best complementing, not distracting from, your core sales and marketing messages.



With creative games incorporated into an interactive exhibition stand experience and prizes awarded throughout each day, visitors will be naturally drawn into repeat booth engagements.


Customized trade show booth activities that showcase brand personalities while entertaining attendees can generate invaluable brand exposure and help qualify leads for future sales opportunities.


Most importantly, it creates lively experiences that visitors will remember and likely share with colleagues. Games prove to be excellent traffic drivers when planned and executed successfully.


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